A Different Dimension

A Different Dimension comprises sculptural works by ceramic artist Martha Cashman; paintings and drawings by painter Angie Shanahan and video work by film-maker Miranda Daly. The work was developed using the history and legacy of Wolfe’s Bakery as its starting point. Wolfe’s Bakery started life as a grain-store in the heart of Skibbereen in the mid 1800’s. The Bakery provided employment for several generations of townspeople right up to its closure just over twenty years ago. After closure, the building became derelict and was purchased and later demolished by West Cork Arts Centre as the site of its new building for the arts in West Cork.

Prior to its demolition, the artists paid a series of exploratory visits to the Bakery and through their work, explored the transition of Wolfe’s Bakery from a hub of human activity and industrial output to a derelict building, whose legacy is retained in the memory of past employees and townspeople and in the detritus of the industrial processes left behind.

Angie Shanahan’s paintings and drawings pay homage to the building itself, portraying through the backdrop of the abandoned structure, the remnants of tools and utensils – rusted cake tins, cast iron weights, a giant mixer – that once had a function, but now lie rusted and discarded.

Each artist has taken a different approach to this exploration and brings a facet, a dimension, to the story of the Wolfe’s Bakery, its community of workers and its legacy for the town and townspeople of Skibbereen.

Gallery of Paintings in Exhibition